Pay your allotment rent

Pay your allotment rent

How to pay your rent and how to claim a discount.

Annual rent

We’ll send you an invoice by the end of November.

If you don’t pay within 40 days of the date of the invoice you’ll have to give up your plot.

You must tell us when you've vacated a plot (when you end your tenancy agreement) to avoid being billed and chased for payment. 

Keep any evidence of your payment (eg receipts, online payment number). If there’s any mix up this can help us to trace missing payments.

Income based discounts

You can get a 50% discount for one plot if you are receiving:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Reduction

You must:

  • apply for income based discounts each year, and show  evidence
  • apply from 1 June until 21 August each year

All tenants will receive an email at the beginning of June explaining how they can apply for an income based discount.
Income based discounts are not applied to interim bills.

Site and tenancy discounts

These are the discounts you may be able to get:

  • 50% for lack of water on site
  • 100% for site representatives
  • 50% for new tenants with overgrown plots (at the discretion of the  Allotments Officer)

Overgrown plot discounts

Plot condition discounts are not applied to interim bills.

If you think that your new plot qualifies for an overgrown plot discount let us know when you sign up for it.  We can’t grant discounts once you have cleared and planted a plot.

This discount is at the discretion of the Allotments Officer or site representative.

Annual rent

Download the list of annual charges and application fees (pdf, 198KB) (opens new window) .