Financial help if you've lost your job or had a drop in your income because of COVID-19

Financial help if you've lost your job or had a drop in your income because of COVID-19

Help available if you can’t work, have been made redundant or have trouble paying your Council Tax and other bills.

What you get may depend on your circumstances. It can be complicated to claim benefits and you should get help before you do this, especially if you already get benefits. Check the Citizens Advice site for help. 

Find out how much you could get by using the benefits calculator.

Help with Council Tax

If you’re struggling to pay your Council Tax, you can:

Only get in touch once you know what your income is likely to be, for example if you’re a furloughed worker or you’ve claimed Universal Credit.  We can give a reduction for up to six months before the date you applied.

We’ll be in touch regarding any amount owed if you’ve missed payments and offer support to get back up to date with payments, including:

  • reorganising payment plans
  • working out monthly instalments

There’ll be no interest on debts due to missed Council Tax payments and we won’t be taking recovery action for council tax debts for now.

You can’t work because you’re ill or self-isolating

If you’re too ill to work because of COVID-19 or have been advised to self-isolate you:

  • should receive statutory sick pay (SSP) (GOV.UK) if eligible, speak to your employer and either get a fit note from your GP or an ‘isolation note’ from NHS 111 online
  • may also be entitled to contractual sick pay, check with your employer
  • can apply for Universal Credit (UC) (GOV.UK), this is a means tested benefit and will take into account the income and capital available to your household, including any sick pay you may receive
  • can apply for new style Employment and Support Allowance (GOV.UK), which is based on your individual national insurance contributions
  • can receive a Test and Trace Support Payment scheme of £500 if you're an eligible low paid workers whose earnings have been affected by staying at home and isolating for 14 days.

You can’t work because your employer’s business is affected

Your employer can designate you as ‘furloughed’ through the coronavirus job retention scheme (GOV.UK).

This means you should continue to receive at least 80% of your usual salary, up to £2,500 a month. This also applies if you’re casual staff or on a zero hour contract. 

Contact your employer if they haven’t spoken to you about this.

If your employer has gone into administration, you will need to contact the administrator to access the scheme.

You were made redundant

If you were made redundant after 28 February 2020 because of coronavirus (COVID-19) you can:

You’re self employed and your business has been affected

If your business and income has been affected, you can:

Help with other bills

If you’re having trouble paying bills you: