Changes to the garden waste service

How the changes to the garden waste service will affect you.

From 3 July 2017 garden waste collections will be fortnightly instead of weekly.

The cost for the Garden Waste service will not change:

  • direct debits will still be invoiced annually, this price remains at £29 per year (this includes the £3 discount)
  • other methods of payment will still be charged at £32 per year
  • concessionary charges won’t change

If you're already signed up to the annual collection service, you’ll be notified by letter before the service changes with details about your changed collection date.

If you normally book a garden waste sack collection, the next available dates will be shown for you to select on our collection day finder.

Refund available for limited period

If you're a current customer and want to stop using this service we can give you a refund.

The refund is only if you have 3 months or more left on your annual subscription.

The deadline for applying for a refund is: 5pm Friday 28 July 2017. 

You can keep your garden waste bin but if you want to return it let us know when you apply for the refund and we will collect it.

To apply for a refund you can contact us via:

Email: with ‘Garden Waste Opt Out’ in the subject line.

If you want to stay with the service then you don't have to do anything.

What to do if you’ve got a lot of garden waste

If you think you’ll have too much garden waste for your bin in the two week period you can: