Meet the Clean Street superheroes

Meet the Clean Street superheroes

Meet people supporting the Clean Streets campaign and find out how you can get involved.

As part of the Mayor’s Clean Streets campaign, many people in Bristol have taking action to clean up their neighbourhoods.

We want to support these efforts to make Bristol cleaner and so we’ve launched the Clean Streets Superheroes campaign.

All the children featured in the campaign have been involved in litter picks as part of school or youth groups.

Oceann took part in a litter pick on the streets around her school. “We found things like shoes and bottles and different sorts of rubbish. When we were finished we collected 26 bags of rubbish and we all took a photo together at the end. I was really proud to clean up our community.”

Taking inspiration from these youngsters, we’re asking everyone in Bristol to share responsibility for helping keep the city clean.

Whether it’s a cigarette butt, takeaway wrappers or a drinks can, our message is simple: Use the bin or take your litter with you. 

Get involved

If you’ve been inspired by Oceann and her friends, there are lots of ways you can support the campaign: