Coronavirus and funeral services at our crematoria

Coronavirus and funeral services at our crematoria

What we're doing to delay the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) at our crematoria and what you can do to help us

Many of our customers are concerned about the impact coronavirus (COVID-19) may have on their funeral service at  South Bristol and Canford crematoria.

Following Government and Public Health England guidance we’ve introduced measures to help prevent the spread of the virus and protect citizens using the services.

What we’re doing


  • restricting funeral attendance to a maximum of 20 mourners,  this must be immediate family or very close friends only
  • temporarily removing all our hymn books; most orders of service have the hymns printed in them
  • advising mourners and attendees not to touch, kiss or come into contact with the coffin
  • asking people not to sing
  • encouraging the use of wheeled biers to bring coffins into the chapel, rather than shouldering the coffin
  • instructing staff to wear protective gloves and wipe down coffins before handling
  • asking funeral directors to continue assisting with recording and memorialising the service for family and friends who can’t attend
  • following a thorough toilet cleaning regime to keep them open, although, there may be times when we need to close them
  • only allowing 15 people to attend the scattering of ashes

We’re working hard to maintain bereavement services in Bristol. 

We’ll continue to review government and Public Health England guidelines on large gatherings and share updates as soon as possible.

What you can do

To help with social distancing you:

  •  can drop paperwork off at our letter box 
  •  should try to use email and phone calls rather than a face to face meeting

If you need to meet a member of staff in person, make an appointment using the contact details below.

You should not attend a funeral or visit any of our sites if you:

  • have tested positively for coronavirus 
  • are self-isolating 

If the deceased has passed away because of coronavirus

In the case of funerals of individuals who have passed away due to the coronavirus, we'll use our discretion to determine when services can take place.

Contact us

You can get more public health advice on the NHS page about coronavirus.