Flax Bourton public mortuary: Avon Coroner's Court

Arrange an appointment to view a deceased family member or friend.

You can arrange a viewing of a deceased family member, or friend, in a peaceful and appropriate environment at the Flax Bourton Public and Forensic Mortuary.

Arrange a viewing

Viewing of the deceased is by appointment only.

You must be the next of kin or have permission from the next of kin to book an appointment.

To arrange a viewing call:

Monday to Friday

  • 01275 461 927 (8am to 3pm)
  • 01179 222 050 (3pm to 8pm)

Saturday and Sunday

  • 01179 222 050 (9am to 1pm)

We only take viewing appointments and can’t answer any questions about the deceased. If you have any enquiries you’ll need to call the Avon Coroner’s Office on 01275 461 920.

If the person’s death is part of a police investigation, the appointment must be made through your Police Family Liaison Officer who will accompany you during your visit.

Viewing times

An appointment is one hour. If you feel you’ll need more time, please mention this at the time of booking and we will try to help you.

Monday to Friday

9am, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays

10am, 11am, 12noon

Appointments depend on availability. Contact us to check what appointment times are available.

In exceptional circumstances such as an immediate viewing after a sudden death, a visit may be allowed outside of these times. However, you can’t make an appointment after 8pm.

Attending a viewing

Children can come to a viewing if their parents or guardians think it’s appropriate.

Don’t arrive early at your appointment as we only have one area for viewings, which may be occupied by a previous family.

Leaving personal items

At a viewing you can leave a small amount of flowers, cards, toys and other personal items with the deceased. We’ll make sure that they stay with them once they’re moved into the care of the funeral director.

Clothing for the deceased

Normally you should speak to your funeral director if you would like the deceased to be dressed in specific clothes. We can consider such requests unless it’s difficult clothing to put on such as motorcycle leathers.

If we advise against a viewing

Sometimes, due to the nature of someone’s death, we’ll advise you not to visit.

If this is the case, we’ll explain the situation to you.

Any advice is given with your best interests at heart and we recommend that you take our advice. However, the final decision about viewing is with the next of kin and we can’t prevent you booking a visit, even if we have advised you not to.

If you do decide to visit despite our advice, you’ll need to sign a waiver form when you arrive for the viewing.

Where we are

Flax Bourton Public and Forensic Mortuary is six miles from the centre of Bristol in the village of Flax Bourton. Follow the signs marked ‘Coroner’s Court’ from the A370 Long Ashton Bypass.

Flax Bourton Public and Forensic Mortuary
Old Weston Road
Flax Bourton
North Somerset
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