How your school can achieve an advanced award and what topics you can get advanced awards in.

The advanced awards can help your school:

  • tackle specific health needs
  • carry out interventions to encourage healthier behaviour in school
  • measure the impact of healthier behaviour in children and young people

How your school can achieve an advanced award

Before you start working on an advanced award, you must complete a specialist award in that topic. You can work on as many advanced awards as you like. Once you achieve an advanced award, it's valid for three years.

To achieve an advanced award, you must

  • focus on a specific issue for your school
  • make a behaviour change plan 
  • carry out an intervention to improve a specific health need, such as increasing teeth brushing among reception pupils

How long it takes to do an advanced award

Schools usually complete advanced awards within one year but you may be able to take longer. You should spend 6 months running the intervention.

How we support you


  • work with you and with your school nurse, giving guidance over email
  • provide a directory of advice, guidance and resources 
  • give extra support to schools working in the  most deprived areas or with the most vulnerable pupils, we'll contact you to arrange this

How we assess your work


  • assess your submission against the general guidance
  • look at whether your intervention worked, you'll need to achieve at least a 10% change in behaviour to achieve the award, for example if 40% of reception pupils brushed their teeth regularly before the intervention, you'd need to show that 44% brushed their teeth regularly after the intervention

We'll let you know if you need to do more work to get the award within 4 weeks of you submitting your work.

What you'll get

When your school achieves the essential award we'll:

  • send you a certificate
  • send you digital logos that you can add to your website or letterheads
  • add you to our Healthy Schools website, so your local community and other schools can learn about the work your staff and pupils did to earn the awards