What your school needs to do achieve the physical activity advanced award.

Before you start working on the physical activity advanced award, you must complete a physical activity specialist award.

What you school needs to do to achieve the award

To achieve an advanced award, you must

  • focus on a specific issue for your school
  • make a behaviour change plan 
  • carry out an intervention to improve a specific health need

Work towards the physical activity advanced award

To work towards the award, download and fill in the  document physical activity advanced award pack (3.26 MB) .

Email healthy.schools@bristol.gov.uk to:

  • tell us you're working on an advanced award
  • submit your behaviour change plan and intervention plan for us to approve
  • submit your finished work

Advanced awards are normally completed within one year but you may be able to take longer. You should spend 6 months running the intervention.

After you achieve the award

We'll send you:

  • a certificate
  • awards logos to use on your website or letterheads