Bristol Property Board: Overview

The Board’s primary aim is to achieve strategic cooperation relating to assets across the city so that the participants manage their assets in a ‘joined-up’ way, whilst ownership of the assets remains with the relevant body.

The Property Board is one of five elements of the City Deal for the West of England; however, unlike the remainder of the City Deal, the Property Board is for the Bristol City Council area only.

The Board aims to share information and adopt a collaborative approach to assets in the city. 

Public sector buildings represent about 8% of total non-domestic carbon emissions and approximately one fifth of the sector’s day-to-day running costs. Making the best use of property therefore can have economic and environmental efficiency savings as well as creating better spaces to increase work productivity and improved services.

Who's involved

The Property Board is chaired by the Mayor of Bristol and has representatives from the:

  • Homes and Communities Agency
  • Government Property Unit
  • Bristol City Council and
  • two representatives from the business community

Stakeholders include the:

  • police
  • ambulance
  • fire and
  • health services

What it does

The three key aims are to:

  • improve release of property for regeneration and raise receipts from surplus land and buildings
  • reduce total occupied space to enable the public sector to lower its property running costs and target cost reduction and carbon reduction
  • improve customer access, quality, organisational communication and working dynamics by bringing together uses in the same property

Projects being considered

  • Completing the mapping of all public sector assets in the city
  • Making contact with public sector partners and holding stakeholder sessions to allow shared working
  • Identifying surplus assets that can be released for development and to raise receipts
  • Explore opportunities for co-location and joint working for example, shared facilities, customer service points and office accommodation
  • Developing and monitoring a list of projects to deliver the aims of the board

Assets owned by the public sector

Find out which assets are owned by the public sector on the Bristol know your place website.


Lois Woodcock, Asset Strategy and Information Manager , Bristol City Council.

Telephone: 0117 903 7497