Backing our Bristol (BoB)

Backing our Bristol (BoB) was previously known as Building a Better Bristol (BBB).

Investing in our future together

We are looking at innovative and viable ways of working with the resources, effort and enthusiasm of citizens and businesses of Bristol to invest in our economic and social development for a sustainable future.

The challenge

Bristol and the West of England have a track record of economic growth and innovation: we have a huge range of talent to build on and connect up within our region and with the wider world.

However, at a local and national level entrepreneurial individuals and initiatives are often unable to unlock the investment they need to strengthen and grow a competitive and sustainable local economy.

Local government’s future will be different and far more about enabling, as a community we need to look at innovative ways of supporting our community: financing future developments and service provision.

The project has been supported by Nesta and the Local Government Association as part of the Creative Council's Programme.

So what’s the BoB idea?

We are exploring the creation of new mechanisms to develop investment finance with the local community: turning citizens, employees and institutions into genuine stakeholders, for the long run.

A small multidisciplinary team will draft prototypes of potential investment products, and obtain an overview of delivery and governance models. The prototypes will cover a range of investment and delivery options such as:

  • Low risk facilitation or direct provision of peer to peer lending.
  • Investment for significant changes in public services.
  • A stake in infrastructure that will benefit the residential and economic community over the long term - such as low carbon energy or broadband.

Backing our Bristol (BoB) summary document (pdf, 51 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 52k) (opens new window)

BoB speaks with our business partners

Transcript of the John Pontin interview (pdf, 15 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 15k) (opens new window)

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