Bristol Workplace Wellbeing Charter

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter

This is a national award which recognises the positive way in which you manage your business and support your workforce. The Charter involves:

  • self-assessing against a set of nationally agreed standards
  • devising an action plan to drive future change
  • working with staff and other organisations to implement good practice

More than 30,000 people in Bristol now work for employers who've signed up to the Workplace Wellbeing Charter including a wide range of organisations of every size in the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. The Charter is a free, voluntary scheme which is run by Bristol City Council.

How will the Charter will benefit your organisation

  • Financial reasons

Encouraging staff to be healthy and active can reduce sickness absence by 20 to 30%. Sickness absence costs the Bristol economy between £120 to 240 million per year, that’s 10 million lost working hours.

  • Population changes

As the working age increases, it's important to ensure that an ageing workforce is a healthy workforce. There will be a greater need to manage chronic illness and long term conditions at work. 

  • Reputation

Successful organisations know that staff satisfaction and wellbeing bring business benefits. Being a good employer enhances an organisation’s reputation, makes it attractive to work for, and improves overall performance.

  • Legal compliance

The Charter’s standards help organisations fulfil their legal obligations under health and safety and equalities legislation.

Organisations currently involved

Participating organisations include:

  • Alec French  
  • Bristol City Council
  • Bristol Community Health     
  • Burges Salmon     
  • Café Create  
  • Central Jobcentre, Department of Work and Pensions    
  • Everyone Active
  • Icon Films
  • Knowle West Health Park
  • Knowle West Media Centre
  • Legal Aid Agency, Ministry of Justice
  • Milestones Trust
  • Pukka Herbs
  • St John’s Chambers   
  • Stride Treglown 
  • The Care Forum    
  • University Hospitals Bristol Trust   
  • University of Bristol Student’s Union    
  • University of West of England  
  • Vehicle Certification Agency, Department of Transport 
  • Voscur
  • Windmill Hill City Farm    
  • XPO Logistics                                                                                           

What participants say

To find out more, take a look at the Workplace Wellbeing Charter Annual Report 2015-16 (pdf, 2.2MB) (opens new window) , where all the organisations listed above provide information about why workplace health matters to them and how the Charter can help.

Accreditation process

The process is simple. To achieve the Charter, employers will be required to gather a portfolio of evidence to show they meet the standards and an onsite assessment visit will take place. Our assessors will offer free support and guidance throughout the whole process.

Further information and resources

For reports, factsheets and information on health and employment in Bristol visit the additional resources page.

Next step

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