Scrutiny commisions and select committees

What is Scrutiny?

Overview and Scrutiny, known in Bristol as ‘Scrutiny’ is a process that makes sure that decisions taken by the Council and its partners reflect the opinions, wishes and priorities of the people of Bristol.

Scrutiny is carried out by elected members who understand the concerns of the people who elected them. The Scrutiny process connects decision makers to the local people and involves the community whenever possible.

The Scrutiny Commissions have an important role to play in providing local accountability, openeness and involvement in decision-making and improving results for people in Bristol.

Scrutiny acts as a ‘critical friend’, providing support to make sure decisions are carried out correctly and sometimes recommending different or extra courses of action.

Scrutiny Commissions in Bristol 2015 to 2016

Bristol has five Scrutiny Commissions that reflect the Council’s directorates. 

The membership of each Scrutiny Commission reflects the Council’s overall political composition.

By following the links below you will find more information about the Commissions, membership and you can view the Terms of Reference for 2014 to 2015.

Place Scrutiny Commission

People Scrutiny Commission (including health and wellbeing scrutiny)

Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Commission (including crime and disorder scrutiny)

Business Change and Resources Scrutiny Commission

Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (OSM) (including quarterly Scrutiny Work Programme review)

How Scrutiny works and how to get involved

View how Scrutiny works and how to get involved

Previous Scrutiny reports

View previous Scrutiny reports and referrals