Case studies about libraries

Case studies about libraries

Links to case studies to help you come up with suitable ideas and how they could work

These case studies are prepared by external organisations.

We hope they inspire ideas that could work in Bristol’s libraries. When you read the case studies think about which elements you like and why.

It might not always be possible to do something that’s worked in another library because each one is unique and community needs will be different.  

The case studies are just suggestions and we haven’t made any decisions yet about what ideas could work for Bristol’s libraries. 

The case studies on the GOV.UK website  were put together by the Leadership Libraries Taskforce and are informed by good practice from the library sector.

The Arts Council report on Libraries as community hubs presents findings from six case study areas of libraries. It looks at how libraries can become community hubs.

The Public Libraries News website has information about ideas that have been tried in public libraries, such as an iPad lending scheme and digital career days.