Contact the licensing team

Contact the licensing team

You'll need to contact the licensing team if your circumstances have changed or you're having problems renewing your licence online.


Reasons to contact the team

You're having problems renewing online

If you've had a problem with your online renewal then you'll need to contact the licensing team. 

Problems might include:

  • your licence numbers or car registration aren't recognised
  • you need to carry out either a DBS, DVLA or medical check
  • you need to complete your Gold Standard training
  • your licence has already expired
  • your payment hasn't been accepted
  • the service is unavailable
  • you haven't received your new licence within seven working days.

Your circumstances have changed

If either your personal circumstances or the details of your vehicle have changed then you'll need to contact the licensing team.

Examples include:

  • you've changed your name
  • your vehicle details are incorrect
  • you're the owner of a vehicle and your address needs changing
  • you need to add or remove any interested parties
  • you need to tell us about a criminal or driving conviction
  • you need to provide evidence for a DBS, DVLA or medical check

See change of circumstances.

Office address

You can post your application forms and documents to:

Licensing Team (Temple Street)
Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399

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