Coronavirus (COVID-19): Outbreak Management Planning

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Outbreak Management Planning

What the Local Outbreak Management Plan is, what happens at Local Engagement Board meetings and minutes from previous meetings.

We’ve updated our COVID-19 Local Outbreak Management Plan (LOMP) to show how Bristol will manage the next phase of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  

The plan explains: 

  • what we’ll do to anticipate, prevent and respond to outbreaks of COVID-19 in Bristol 
  • the next phases of living with the virus 
  • how we protect public health 
  • how we work with communities, NHS Test and Trace, the Department for Health and Social care, Public Health England and the Institute for Health Security 

It was first published in June 2020. We’ve updated it to take into account more recent developments such as vaccinations and new variants of the virus, and our experience of responding to the pandemic locally. 

Our Director for Communities and Public Health has been responsible for defining these measures and producing the updated plan. 

About the plan

Our updated Local Outbreak Management Plan (pdf, 519KB) (opens new window)  focusses on 7 themes: 

  1. Preventing and responding to outbreaks, including plans to respond to new variants of concern 
  2. Testing, tracing and isolating to identify and break chains of transmission 
  3. Communication and engagement, including when and how we share information with the public, schools, businesses, vulnerable people, care home staff and residents, and other groups of people 
  4. Data: understanding national, regional and local data and using it to inform what we do 
  5. Recovery, including supporting the economy to reopen and make sure as many people as possible can get a vaccine 
  6. Protecting and supporting people in Bristol, including those who are homeless or have complex needs 
  7. Enforcement, when it’s needed to keep the public safe 

The plan for Bristol is part of a network of plans in every local authority in England. It will be regularly reviewed as events continue to evolve and develop. 

Plan and appendices

Previous plan

Local Engagement Board meetings

These are fortnightly advisory board meetings chaired by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. The meetings provide:

  • oversight and direction for the city wide COVID-19 communications
  • engagement to support for local management

Local Engagement Board meeting minutes

COVID-19 bi-weekly Bristol statistics update

The COVID-19 bi-weekly Bristol statistics update includes: 

  • an overview of the latest COVID-19 data for Bristol
  • overall assessment of the current situation in Bristol
  • the R number for the South West