Bristol Local Councillor Shadowing Scheme 2017 to 2018

Bristol Local Councillor Shadowing Scheme 2017 to 2018

This shadowing scheme will help you get a greater understanding of local democracy and how to get involved.

The scheme runs from November 2017 to February 2018.

If you take part in the shadowing scheme you’ll be able to watch your local councillor carrying out their duties.

You'll choose which of your councillor’s activities you’d like to shadow over the year. This can be watching one activity or a planned programme. At the end of the scheme you will be invited to give feedback on your experience. 


Shadowing activities could include:

  • going to Council/Committee meetings
  • walks around your ward
  • tours of local community facilities
  • visits to community projects
  • civic functions

An example activities plan could include:

Activity: Introduction meeting
Description: Meet your councillor and talk about what you’re interested in.  Look at diaries and set out a plan of activities.

Activity: Ward walk
Description: Shadow your councillor on a walk of the ward, meeting residents and listening to their issues and concerns.

Activity: Full Council Meeting
Description: Sit in and observe a full council meeting between all political parties.  Chat with your councillor about the experience afterwards.


To take part in the scheme email and ask for a Councillor Shadowing Scheme registration of interest form.