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Find out what civic events the Lord Mayor will be attending this year.

Civic services calendar

  • January: Roman Catholic Civic Service (Clifton Cathedral) 
  • March: Lord Mayor's Annual Civic Service (LM Chapel)
  • October: High Sheriff Legal Civic Service, Cathedral
  • November: Remembrance Day  (Cenotaph)

Rush Sunday Service

Venue: St. Mary Redcliffe Church
Viewing: The procession can be viewed in the area of the church entrance from Redcliffe Way.
Service: Open to invitees and parishioners.
Date: Whitsunday at 11am

The Rush Sunday Civic Service was first introduced by William Canynge, who was Mayor of Bristol five times. 
The service takes its name from the rushes and herbs that are strewn on the floor.

It's the most colourful Bristol procession with the City Swordbearer carrying the Pearl Sword wearing his Elizabethan Cap of Maintenance. The Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, and City Councillors wear their scarlet robes and carry posies of spring flowers, which originally were nosegays of herbs for protection against infection. The eight City Maces are carried by an escort of Police Macebearers under command of a Sergeant at Mace.

The Lord Mayor travels in AE1, the first car registration given to the city of Bristol, to be greeted on arrival by a  mounted police escort. The arrival of the Lord Mayor  in the Church is greeted with a fanfare from the City Trumpeters.

Roman Catholic Civic Service

Venue: Clifton Cathedral
Service: Open to invitees and parishioners

This service was added to the List of Annual Civic Services in 1970 when Alderman Willcox was Lord Mayor. After the Queen's visit to Bristol in 1977, the council was allowed to use the ceremonial sword for the service.

The present service is attended by the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress or Consort, former Lord Mayors, Honorary Aldermen, members of the Bench and Bristol City Council officers. When the Lord Mayor arrives in AE1 they're greeted on arrival by the Mace Escort and City Swordbearer.

Legal Sunday Service

Venue: Bristol Cathedral, College Green
Service: Open to invitees and parishioners.

The service usually held at Bristol Cathedral and is coordinated by the High Sheriff of Bristol. 

It marks the opening of the legal year and the Michaelmas Law Term. It was introduced after 1974 when the Assize Court ceased and Avon County Courts were introduced.

The service is attended by the Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress and Consort, former Lord Mayors, Honorary Aldermen, Bristol City Council officers, Chairman of the Bench, Queen's Counsel and members of the Junior Bar, Chief Clerk, and the Magistrates. The Lord Mayor travels in AE1 to be met on arrival by the City Swordbearer, with the Mace Escort.

Remembrance Sunday

Venue: Cenotaph, City Centre
Service: Members of the public are welcome to observe the parade and attend the service
Date: Sunday 12 November

This service has been held on the Sunday nearest the 11 November since 1920 when the Cenotaph was built.

The service includes two minutes silence from 11am to 11.02am, followed by the laying of wreathes and short service. 

The annual parade will be led by Royal Marines Reserve Bristol, HMS Flying Fox. Military units, cadet contingents, veterans and related groups will assemble on College Green, ready to march down to the Cenotaph on Colston Avenue for approximately 10.30am.

They will be followed by a mounted police escort and dignitaries from Bristol who collectively make up the Civic Procession. 

The military parade, other contingents and the civic procession will return to College Green at the end of the service.

pdf Remembrance Sunday 2023: The Order of the Ceremonial at the Bristol Cenotaph (129 KB)

For information on road closures on Remembrance Sunday, visit Current roadworks and road closures.

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