Information on the City Leadership Programme and how to apply.

Nominations for the City Leadership Programme are open Monday 10 January to midnight, Friday 8 April 2022

What is the City Leadership Programme

The City Leadership Programme (CLP) is a six-month Bristol-based leadership programme for young people aged 16 to 19 years.

The programme is a launch pad for future leaders in business, politics and non-government organisations.

The programme will take 12 young people on a journey of:

  • personal development
  • envisioning and life planning
  • academic enrichment
  • skills building
  • exposure and networking  

What does the programme include

The programme includes:

  • two-week intensive summer course built around personal development, academic enrichment, networking, exposure and skills-building
  • a graduation dinner
  • five months of mentoring provided by leaders from business, politics and the public sector, coordinated by Babbasa
  • an alumni network of participants and contributors, including an annual alumni dinner

How to nominate:

The deadline for nominations is midnight, Friday 8 April 2022. 


Bristol remains challenged by gender, race, class, disability, and other social fractures. Unquantifiable amounts of young talent are lost to the city every year because the social, economic and political structures that nurture leadership aren't equally available to all. 

The City Leadership Programme aims to break this cycle by: 

  • giving the participants the tools, they need to build their vision and skills and identify, develop, and exploit opportunities
  • giving the participants networking skills and a knowledge of the decision making and power structures in the City 
  • creating the space for current leaders to connect with and begin investing in these young people

The City Leadership Programme grew out of our belief that it not good enough for political and business leaders to wait for the next generation of leaders to come about by social circumstance.  

We believe it is in our collective interest to take a proactive approach to growing the talent and values that will lead us tomorrow. We believe the leadership talent pool must be deeper and broader than it has historically been, both in the name of bringing the diversity of thought to our decision-making tables that will be needed in a world of increasingly complex challenges, and as evidence of a fairer society.

The City Leadership Programme won't be appropriate for every young person. Our intention is that it sits within a wider tapestry of city programmes that together support the development of leadership at all levels.

It is important that schools, colleges, and other settings work with us to support unsuccessful applicants and build on their expressed desire to develop their leadership potential. To this end, we would encourage nominating organisations to identify meaningful alternative opportunities such as the additional opportunities Babbasa provides for these young people.