Total number of ballot papers verified at the conclusion of the first count is: 140,599

The turnout in this voting area is: 41.15%

The total number of first preference votes given for each of the candidates is as follows:

NameDescriptionNumber of first preference votes
BALDWIN Tom Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 3,194
CLARKE Robert Vernon Reform UK 806
DONNELLY Sean Patrick Independent 4,956
GOOCH Dr. Caroline Liberal Democrat 15,517
HORE-RUTHVEN Sandy Green Party 36,331
LANGLEY John Independent 1,528
REES Marvin Jonathan Labour Party 50,510
SHAW Oska Damon   389
WATSON Alastair Peter Lindsay Conservative Party 25,816
Total number of first preference votes   139,047

spreadsheet Statement of local result at the conclusion of the first count. (17 KB)

Number of ballot papers rejected at the first count:

Rejection reasonNumber of rejected ballot papers
(a) ballot papers which do not bear the official mark 0
(b) ballot papers on which more than one first preference vote is given 711
(c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 36
(d) ballot papers which are unmarked as to the first preference vote 759
(e) ballot papers which are void for uncertainty as to the first preference vote 133
Total number of rejected ballot papers 1,639

Returning officer:  Tim O'Gara

Date:  Saturday 8 May 2021