Women councillors

Women councillors

Bristol needs more women from all backgrounds and communities across Bristol to make sure that local organisations hear, understand and respond to local needs including the needs of women.

Have you ever thought that the council, hospitals and local schools could do better

Women make up 51% of society, but on Bristol City Council only 41% of its 70 councillors are female. The council is also underrepresented in terms of age, ethnicity and sexuality, as are many public bodies.

Would you have time to be a councillor

There are a range of measures in place to help make being a councillor possible for working people and parents. Many meetings take place outside of work and school hours, and councillors can claim the cost of childcare whilst attending official meetings. 

Typically being a councillor takes up around 18 hours per week depending on their specific roles and responsibilities, although councillors can often be flexible with their time and choose when is right for them to get council work done.

Would you get paid

An annual allowance of £12,261.09 per year compensates councillors for time spent at meetings, casework, the cost of travel within the city and other costs such as the use of their home for work.