Corporate Strategy consultation 2017-2022

Find out about our Corporate Strategy 2017-22

Read our press release: ‘Corrective’ budget approved to set council on firmer financial foundations

Webcast of the Full Council meeting 21 February 2017

Read the Corporate Strategy 2017-22  (pdf, 645k) (opens new window) . This was discussed at Cabinet on 30 Janaury and Full Council on 21 February 2017.

Budget proposals

The consultation on the council’s draft Corporate Strategy and budget savings proposals closed on Thursday 5 January 2017.

Following consideration by Overview and Scrutiny Management (OSM) Board on 19 January and Cabinet 30 January, the budget proposals were considered and approved at Full Council at its annual budget meeting on 21 February. See reports:

Webcast of the Cabinet meeting 30 January 

Webcast of the Overview and Scrutiny meeting 19 January

Press release Thursday 12 January

The Corporate Strategy 

The Corporate Strategy includes:

  • the Mayor’s vision for Bristol
  • our priorities  over the next five years
  • an outline of savings proposals for our revenue budget from April 2017-March 2022
  • our draft capital  programme from April 2017-March 2022

We predict that the council will face a funding gap of at least £92m by March 2022 if we carry on running services the way they are at the moment.  Our ideas for how to begin bridging this gap are listed in this draft strategy.

There will have to be some tough choices if we are to reach our target of balancing the books for the next five years.  An overview of the draft five year plan can be found in our 'Big decisions, tough choices' guide (pdf, 328k) (opens new window)  

Online consultation survey - now closed

The draft Corporate Strategy online survey opened on Thursday 13 October 2016 and closed at midnight on Thursday 5 January 2017.


What we consulted on

We wanted to know what you think of:

  • our priorities and the contents of the Corporate Strategy and business plans set out in the Corporate Strategy
  • an anticipated increase of 1.95% per year in Council Tax (about 55p per week for the average Band D home)
  • an additional 2% on Council Tax (also about 55p per week for the average Band D home) specifically to help fund Adult Social Care services
  • our draft proposals for around £22-27 million of savings
  • our Capital Programme

We also wanted to hear your suggestions for how we can run services differently in the city in the face of the large savings we need to make.

Discussion events

Four citywide public events took place in November.  You can see a filmed example from our event at Henbury school on 15 November and a public discussion at the Station on the 10 November.

Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, took part in a one on one discussion with Ian Onions, Bristol Post’s Political editor. 

Watch Ian Onions putting questions and ideas from the public to the Mayor


We have a legal duty to properly consider the impact our proposals might have on people with ‘protected characteristics’. These are: age, disability, gender, reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

We do a Relevance check for each proposal which outlines high-level issues and checks to see if a full Equality Impact Assessment is needed.