Corporate Strategy 2018 to 2023 and Budget Consultation

We asked you for your views on our draft Corporate Strategy and our top priorities for the next five years. We also asked you for your views on Council Tax and other financial matters for our 2018/19 budget.

The Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 and Budget consultation has now closed. We received nearly 700 responses to this consultation, the results of which are available in the Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 and Budget consultation report (pdf, 5.9MB) (opens new window) .

The report also includes the results of consultations on the following specific savings proposals:

  • Prioritising allowance needs for Special Guardians and families with children who are voluntarily looked after by the local authority by introducing Financial Assessment consultation (appendix A)
  • Increase income generation and efficiency across the culture services consultation (appendix B)
  • Removal of remaining funding supporting neighbourhood action consultation (appendix C)

We also consulted, until 29 January 2018, on the following specific savings proposal:

Corporate Strategy(opens new window)

The Corporate Strategy (pdf, 4.7MB) (opens new window)  lays out our vision, values and key themes to make sure the council plays its part  in creating a city that is successful for everyone.

Corporate strategy and budget consultation information booklet 

This booklet (pdf, 577k) (opens new window) (pdf, 577k) (pdf, 577k) (opens new window)  was the draft we consulted on, which provides background information and sets out what we intend our contribution to the city to be as part of our Corporate Strategy.

The booklet summarises our draft vision, values and behaviours, themes and commitments: the basis of a roadmap that will get us to where we want to be. 

It also details how we plan to make the savings we need to, or increase our income.(opens new window)