£150 council tax rebate

£150 council tax rebate

About the council tax rebate, who can get it and what you need to do.

The government announced a council tax rebate of £150 to help people with the rising cost of energy bills.

Households living in properties in council tax bands A to D will get the rebate.

How you will get your payment

Rebates should have been paid to all eligible direct debit payers who we have payment details for.

Complete the online form and submit your bank details for payment if:

  • you're a direct debit payer and have not yet received your rebate
  • you're a non-direct debit payer, for example you pay at the post office or by credit card online

Apply for council tax rebate

You're also eligible for payment if you're liable for council tax but don’t pay because you are on the council tax reduction scheme or if you are exempt for certain reasons.

Your bank details will be checked when you complete the form. In some cases we will not be able to confirm them, even if they're correct.

You'll be given the option to credit your council tax account, or you can close the form and call the Citizen Service Centre for help on 0117 922 2900.

Once you've submitted your bank details, payment could take up to two weeks to go into your bank account.

There's an option on the form for you to choose to have the £150 credited to your council tax account if you prefer.

The rebate will be evenly distributed across your remaining instalments for the year meaning you will pay less each month. A new bill will be sent to you with the revised instalments.

If you're unable to complete the form online call 0117 922 2900. You will need your council tax account number and bank details.

Bank details submitted on the form will only be used for the rebate and not future payments of council tax, unless you request this.

Discretionary fund

A discretionary fund was also allocated as part of the council tax rebate scheme to help residents most in need of support.

The fund will support households living in Bristol in bands E to H who are in need, as well as those in bands A to D who are not eligible for the rebate.

Only one application can be made per household.

Eligibility criteria will include:

  • you must be living within the Bristol City Council area as their main residence from Friday 1 April 2022 AND
  • you pay their energy costs directly to the energy supplier by bill or pre-payment meter, not as part of your rent

The process for the discretionary fund is being finalised and further information, including the full eligibility criteria and exclusions, will be provided on here as soon as possible.

Council tax rebate scams

We're aware there have been reports of council tax scams in relation to the £150 council tax rebate.

If you receive a phone call requesting your bank details in exchange for the £150 rebate, do not pass these on.

Financial support

If you're in financial difficulty and are worried about paying your council tax bill, visit our Benefits and financial help page.

How to return a council tax rebate received in error

If you've received a payment in error, please return your payment of £150 to:

Bank Account: 41322266

Sort Code: 56-00-05

Reference: You will need to quote your council tax account number followed by S000025 with no gaps.

How to ensure a bank doesn’t use a council tax rebate to pay off an overdraft

If you have an overdraft, you can exercise your ‘right of appropriation’ to stop the payment being used against it.

This is a temporary measure under common law, allowing you to earmark funds for specific essential bills, for example: 

  • your rent
  • your mortgage
  • your gas or electricity

You'll need to put this request in writing to your bank or building society and list the bills you need to be earmarked. A sample letter can be found at Nationwide Debtline.

When you make a first ‘right of appropriation' request, your bank can make a decision to either freeze your account and/or remove an overdraft facility if you have one. You need to make sure that you can manage either or both of these situations before you make the request.

Donating your rebate

We're conscious that some households may not feel they need the council tax rebate. We'll be offering a scheme that enables people to donate all or part of it to help support those who are most in need in the city.

If you'd like to find out more, email It will not affect the provision of the rebate but will enable them to make a direct donation to local crisis funding.