Vulnerable people and severe weather

Vulnerable people and severe weather

Help and advice for vulnerable people in extreme cold or hot weather.

Rough sleepers

We’ll help find people that sleep rough somewhere warm to sleep, if:

  • the temperature is likely to be zero degrees or below for three nights in a row
  • the Met Office issue an amber warning of rain and wind that is likely to last three nights in a row
  • other factors such as wind chill could cause risk to life

This is called the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP).

If you’re sleeping rough, or worried about someone sleeping rough, contact Street Link on 0300 500 0914.

Vulnerable or elderly people

If you’re concerned about a vulnerable or elderly person, contact Care Direct on 0117 922 2700, during office hours. At night or weekends, contact the Emergency Duty Team on 01454 615165.

Severe weather

For advice on preparing for severe weather, visit the Met Office website

Priority service schemes

You can register for a priority service scheme with your utility company if you have particular need because of your:

  • age
  • ill health
  • disability
  • mental illness 

Priority service schemes allow vulnerable customers  to access extra services  such as:

  • different bill formats like Braille or large print
  • advanced warning  if we're planning to stop your energy or water supply
  • special passwords that we can use when we visit you

You can register with:

If your supplier is not listed, visit their website to find out what services they offer.