Data protection

Make a data protection request

  • A data protection request costs £10. You'll need to send the fee to the Data Protection Officer, Bristol City Council, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR.
  • You will need also need to provide us with your signature.

Make a data protection request

or complete our Data protection request form (pdf, 283 KB) (opens new window)

Send the form and your fee to: The Data Protection Officer, Bristol City Council, Romney House, Romney Avenue, Lockleaze. BS7 9TB.

What is data protection?

The Data Protection Act 1988 gives you the right to make a request for personal information about yourself, or another person if they have given their consent. This is known as a Data Protection request.

It also controls the way we store and use your personal records.

Use of your personal data

Your privacy is important to us and we take great care to protect it.
Privacy statement: what we do with your personal data 

How long we keep our records for

Our Publication Scheme (pdf, 0.7 MB) (opens new window) shows how long we keep records for. You can request a hard copy at any of our council offices.