Dry January 2018

Dry January is an annual event in which millions of people take a break from alcohol for January.

Taking part in our campaign is a chance to ditch the hangover and save money by giving up alcohol for 31 days. There are also many health benefits associated with taking a break from alcohol including; improved concentration, lower blood pressure, increase  energy levels, better sleep, clearer skin, weight loss and of course it’s good for your liver.

Join in and take control of your relationship with alcohol by finding out more and registering on the Dry January website.

Dry January helps to raise awareness about the reasons for alcohol consumption, the effect it has on our health and the consequences of misuse.

Bristol licensed venues taking part

In Bristol, Dry January means encouraging people to take a break from alcohol and go out and socialise in the cities many pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants. Venues around Bristol are signing up to support Dry January 2018 and welcome those that want to drink less or no alcohol.

They will be promoting more choices of non-alcoholic drinks and aiming to make it socially acceptable not to drink on a night out.

View our map of Bristol licensed premises that are participating.

If you are manage a licensed venue and wish to support the campaign, you can find out more information on our dry January 2018 for licenced venues page.