Current Lord Mayor

Current Lord Mayor

Our current Lord Mayor of Bristol and Deputy Lord Mayor.

Our Lord Mayor

The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Bristol is Councillor Jos Clark.

"I feel like the luckiest person to have been given the opportunity to serve the city of Bristol as it’s Lord Mayor for two years and reflect regularly on the way the role is this year compared with last year.
It was the greatest honour to represent the city and meet so many wonderful people last year, attending some 800 engagements. I’ll have wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of my like.

 Since March 2020, my diary has been very different with less engagements and new ways of meeting people through social media. It has been really important to do as much as I can to support people in the city and promote the many good causes, and I’m sure I’ll remember this year for the acts of kindness that I have seen from people wanting to do the best they can for others.

So why did I want to become Lord Mayor, the simplest way to respond would be to celebrate the wonderful things that happen in Bristol and those people that make Bristol a great place to live. I have lived in or around Bristol most of my life and went to university in Bristol, getting a job for Bristol City Council when I left university. I love the diversity in the city and think it is a great place to bring up a family.

I became a councillor from 2003 to 2011 and came back in 2016. I love being able to make my ward a better place to live and as Lord Mayor, I want to see the whole city being able to be proud of its achievements.

My consort is my son Hugo Clark. It has been the most wonderful thing to be able to see him grow in confidence and learn to deal with different social situations. He works as a builder and like many if finding it more difficult to find work and training because of Covid".

Jos Clark, Lord Mayor of Bristol

Our Deputy Lord Mayor

The Deputy Lord Mayor is Councillor Carole Johnson.

"Growing up in Easton Bristol, I attended the local schools and always carried a deep concern and awareness of social injustices and inequalities which surrounded me daily. 

My desire to help, lead me to put myself forward for many voluntary roles and to the pursuit and development of keen counselling life skills and professional roles which positioned me to serve and protect the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

I am a Bristol magistrate of Jamaican descent currently serving as Deputy Bench Chairman for Avon and Somerset and also an elected Local councillor for Ashley Ward in Bristol, professionally qualified as a primary school teacher and social worker. I currently serve as both a primary school governor and hospital governor for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. 

For me there is no such thing as “made it”. My vision is to lay foundations and sow seeds which create a climate and legacy of perennial change and improvements that positively impact future generations, and to readdress the current societal imbalances, so that your children and mine, can inherit a world of increased and increasing equity and equal life chances".

Carole Johnson, Deputy Lord Mayor