Renew your driver licence

Renew your driver licence

Renew your Hackney carriage or private hire driver licence.

Renew online

Renew your licence online

You can only renew online if you're not due a DBS check, medical check or DVLA check.

If you haven't completed these checks before your licence is due to expire, we may not be able to renew your licence.  

It's your responsibility to know when these checks are due and to submit the relevant paperwork in good time.  We accept no responsibility for delays in renewals caused by the late submission of checks or applications.  We're not required to send renewal reminders for licences or for checks due.

From 1 December 2016 you'll also need to have a right to licence check.

If you have completed a DVLA or medical check or received your DBS certificate, you must return these to us before renewing online.

Applications take at least 7 working days to be processed and sent to you in the post.

You can renew your licence up to 6 weeks before it expires.

Other ways to renew

If you’re unable to apply online you can email your application and scans / photographs of the supporting documents to

A member of the Licensing Team will then contact you via telephone to make payment.

We still need to see the original Medical and DBS certificate. This may change dependent on any future government advice.

You'll need to renew your driver licence using a paper form (opens new window) if:

  • your licence has expired
  • you're due a DBS check, DVLA check or medical check
  • you've moved address
  • you've received a caution or conviction, including points on a DVLA licence
  • you've changed your name
  • you don't have an email address

Download the driver licence renewal form. (pdf, 192KB) (opens new window)

If your licence has expired, you must apply for a new licence.

Paper applications take at least 10 working days to be processed and sent to you in the post.

Once you've completed the paper forms you can post your application form to:

Licensing team (Temple Street)
Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399
Bristol BS1 9NE

If you want someone else to discuss your application or licence with us on your behalf, you’ll need to give us written permission.

How to pay

You can't pay for your licence at the Citizen Service Point for now.

Please use one of the other methods of payment on this page.

If you submit your application at the Citizen Service Point at 100 Temple Street you can pay for your licence by using the self-service kiosks or if you're applying by post please enclose a cheque with the application.  Our driver licence fees are:

1 Year: £54.00
2 Years: £108.00
3 Years: £157.00

View all of our fees (pdf, 105KB) (opens new window)

If you don’t renew your licence

If you don’t renew your licence before it expires then you won’t be a licensed driver. Applications take at least 10 working days to be processed and sent to you in the post.

If your current licence has expired, or you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to renew on time for any reason, then contact the licensing team.