Minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES)

Before you start

You need to fill in this form if we've sent you a letter about your property's EPC rating. 

You can use the form to tell us:

  • you don't own the property
  • the property isn't rented to tenants
  • the property's EPC rating is A to E
  • the property is registered exempt from the minimum energy efficiency standard (the exemption must be registered on the PRS Exemptions Register)
  • you'd like information about loans and grants to help make improvements to the property to help it meet minimum energy efficiency standards

You may need to upload copies of the property's:

  • energy performance certificate (EPC)
  • proof of exemption from the minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES), such as a screenshot of the confirmation email from when the exemption was registered

If you don't have a copy of the property's EPC certificate, you can download one from the EPC Register website . You can find it by searching by: