Dry January 2018 for licenced venues

How we can support your venue in Dry January 2018.

Dry January doesn’t have to mean a drop in your profits, we want to help you bring in customers who are not drinking alcohol or cutting down for the New Year. 

It’s quick and easy to sign up and get involved:

Sign up to Dry January 2018

We’ll support you by:

  • providing promotional materials, posters, menu templates and window stickers
  • including your premises in all of our promotional activities, including social and local media

Our long term aims are to:

  • make it socially acceptable to not drink alcohol on a night out
  • promote more choices of non-alcoholic drinks
  • help establishments be more welcoming to those that want to drink less or no alcohol

Businesses taking part

View a map of businesses signed up to take part in Dry January 2018.