Citizens Panel

Bristol City Council was one of the first councils in the country to set up a citizens' panel in 1998. Statistically representative of the population of Bristol, the panel has been invaluable to the council and its partners in researching how Bristol people feel on issues and as a sounding-board for future policies and decisions.

The panel currently has 2,000 members and during its existence many thousands of people have served on the panel or been given the opportunity to join. The panel's membership is constantly 'refreshed' to continue to provide opportunities for people to get involved in local decision making.

Explore our pages to learn more about the work of the panel, the research it has generated and the influence it has had.

How do you join the citizens panel?

Residents of Bristol are invited to join the Citizens’ Panel by invitation to a random sample of the electoral register. This helps to ensure that the panel represents the population of Bristol.

The panel is refreshed every three years.  If you would like to respond to consultation surveys on issues affecting Bristol you can subscribe to our Ask Bristol e-bulletin.

Here's what past members have said about the Citizens' Panel:

"I am delighted and proud to be a member of the panel. It helps me feel valued and involved in decision making"
Katherine, Southville

"I enjoy being on the panel as I feel I can voice my opinions on matters concerning myself, and Bristol. I feel I am listened to"
Martyn, Whitchurch

Citizens' Panel feedback newsletters

Our Citizens' Panel feedback newsletter provides information on previous consultations, as well as details of upcoming issues, developments and future consultations.

Feedback newsletter, October 2015 (pdf, 271KB) (opens new window)