The pages in this section provide more information on petitions, including how to support an existing one and how to start your own. The easiest way to support or create a petition is using our e-petition system.

The council's petitions scheme

The council's petitions scheme (pdf, 61 KB) (opens new window) (which was revised in May 2012) describes the arrangements for submitting petitions to the council.  It also includes useful e-mail and telephone contacts and postal addresses at the council, where officers will be able to help you with your petition.

Please also see, the petition template (pdf, 11 KB) (opens new window) which is for use for those who are collecting signatures for a petition and the petition submission form (pdf, 11 KB) (opens new window) which should be used by the petition organiser.  By providing the information requested on this form, it will assist us in directing your petition to the right place.