Help and housing for young people who have been in care

Help and housing for young people who have been in care

Who to contact and how they can help you find somewhere to live

If you've been in care, you may get help finding somewhere to live. The help you get will depend on your age.

Your Personal Adviser

You should’ve been given a Personal Adviser while you were still in care. If you don’t have one, ask the local authority where you were in care and they’ll get one for you.

If this was in Bristol, call the Care Leavers Freephone 0800 694 0168. This call may not be free from a mobile phone.

Your Personal Adviser will help you with:

  • filling in application forms for housing, benefits and education or training courses
  • life skills such as how to budget
  • any problems you have with where you live

Your Personal Adviser will support and help you until you’re 21, or until your 25th birthday if you’re still studying full time.

If you're 16 to 21 years old

If you’re aged 16 to 21 and homeless or worried about becoming homeless, contact Bristol Youth MAPS

If you're 18 to 21 and you spent at least one night in care when you were 16 or 17 you may be entitled to temporary accommodation until your 21st birthday.

Having a local connection    

You must have a local connection to Bristol to apply for housing in this area. If you don’t, we’ll refer your case to the local authority area where you do have a connection.

You have a local connection if:

  • you’ve been in foster care in Bristol for two years or more without breaks in between, and some or all of that time was before you were 16
  • you were in foster care outside Bristol but since leaving care you’ve been living in Bristol for two years or more without breaks in between 

Housing help for 21 or above care leavers

If you're 21 or older and you’ve been in care you may be entitled to accommodation from us. 

You'll need to have a priority need, for example you:

  • are vulnerable because you've been in care
  • haven't had a stable home since you left care
  • have slept on the streets in the past

Let us know you’re worried about being homeless and we’ll do all we can to help you.