Information for young people in care

Information for young people in care

If you’re a young person in Bristol’s care you can get extra help with your education from the team at The HOPE.

The HOPE helps children in care do the best they can at school.

If you’d like extra support with your education or if things aren’t going well at school, contact the team at The HOPE on 0117 903 2682. They’ll be able to help you.

The HOPE talk to your social worker, carer and teachers to find out:

  • if you’re getting good support
  • how well you’re attending
  • how your pupil premium is being spent

They can talk to your school on your behalf to make sure your teachers are doing the best they can for you. They might even arrange for you to have extra teaching support.

When you might meet someone from The HOPE

You might meet one of The HOPE’s team at your Personal Education Plan (PEP) meetings, on a trip to a university, or if you take part in one of the projects or competitions that we sometimes run.

We might also write to you to let you know about things that The HOPE is doing or to say ‘Well done’ if we hear about something really good that you’ve achieved.

A website for young people in care

The RVoice website is designed for young people and has lots of information that could be useful for you.

The Bristol Pledge

Bristol City Council has a Pledge for children in care and care leavers (pdf, 4MB) (opens new window) . The Pledge is a promise made by Bristol City Council and the Children and Young People's Partnership to all Bristol children in care and care leavers.

Personal Education Plans 

The Government has said that all Children in Care have to have a special plan for their education.

This will be drawn up between you, your social worker, the teacher at the school who knows you best and your carer. You should have a PEP within 28 days of becoming looked after.

For more information see our Personal Education Plan leaflet (pdf, 60KB) (opens new window)  or visit the R Voice website.