Abuse, violence or threats

Abuse, violence or threats

What to do if you’re at risk of being homeless because of abuse, violence or threats.

Call 999 if a crime is happening now or you're in immediate danger.

Emergency housing

Next Link is a service supported by us. They can help women affected by domestic and sexual, abuse and violence stay at home safely or move to safe accommodation. Call 0117 925 0680 or email

If you’re under 18

If you’re under 18 and experiencing violence or abuse at home, contact our First Response team, 0117 903 6444.

Abuse and violence

To report domestic and sexual, abuse and violence and get support, see abuse and violence.

Anti-social behaviour

If you’re experiencing anti-social behaviour such as, being harassed by your neighbours, see anti-social behaviour.

Hate crime

If you’re experiencing hate crime, see hate crime.

Hate crimes are crimes that are carried out against someone because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.