Home contents insurance scheme

Home contents insurance scheme for council tenants

If you’re a council tenant you can take out your own household contents insurance or use our low cost scheme arranged through Aviva.

It’s your responsibility to insure your home contents such as furniture, belongings or decorations against theft, fire, vandalism or burst pipes.

Our low cost insurance scheme

This scheme is only open to Bristol City Council tenants and it's provided by Aviva.

How to apply

  1. Read the policy summary (pdf, 714k) (opens new window) to see what the policy covers
  2. Work out the value of your contents with this valuation sheet (pdf, 47k) (opens new window)
    • you’ll need to work out how much it would cost to replace the full contents of your home
    • if you under value your contents you won’t get the full value of your claim
    • the highest amount you can insure for is £35,000
    • if you're under 60 the lowest amount that can be insured is £9,000
    • if you're over 60 lowest amount that can be insured is £6,000
    • round up the total value to the nearest £1,000 and use this on the application form
    • all your home contents are covered by the policy on a new for old basis, except linen and clothing which will be replaced at  current cost, less an amount for wear and tear
  3. See how much you will have to pay to insure the value of your contents with our costs sheet (pdf, 27k) (opens new window) . All insurance payments are weekly
  4. Fill out the tenants home contents insurance scheme application form (pdf, 1,013k) (opens new window) .
  5. Post the form to Finance and Procurement (City Hall), PO Box 3176, Bristol City Council, Bristol, BS3 9FS.

Your insurance starts when we let you know that you've been accepted onto the scheme. We’ll also write to you if you haven’t been accepted.

We’ll write to you with details of your insurance payments and the date when you should start paying.

You can also sign up for a Bristol Account and see your contents insurance payments, rent balance and any other housing charges online.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage isn't covered as standard other than what is shown in the policy summary. You can get full cover for accidental damage at an extra cost. See the policy summary and costs sheet.

Extra cover

You can get extra cover for personal belongings, hearing aids, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and pedal cycles kept outside your home. Contact us for details of the cover and for a quotation.

Keeping up the payments

To make sure that you're always covered you must keep up to date with your payments.

We can cancel the policy if you fall behind with your payments.

You may not be able to make a claim if your payments are not up to date.