Homeless after leaving hospital

Homeless after leaving hospital

What to do if you won’t have anywhere to live after you're discharged from hospital

Before you leave hospital

If you think you’re going to be homeless when you leave hospital, you must tell the hospital nursing staff as soon as possible. They’ll ask their hospital discharge team to help you.

The hospital discharge team will make a homelessness application to us on your behalf. If you think this hasn’t happened, talk to the nursing staff as soon as you can.

How we can help

If you have a connection to Bristol, the discharge team may refer you to the housing advice team at our Citizen Service Point (CSP). We’ll assess your situation and you may be offered temporary accommodation while your application is assessed. 

If you have a home already but it needs to be adapted the hospital will refer you to the Accessible Homes Service.

Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI)

There’s a Homelessness Support Team based at the BRI. 

The team mainly deal with:

  • rough sleepers 
  • sofa surfers 

They also support homeless people from outside Bristol and the UK.

Visit the team on Level 7 of the BRI’s discharge hub or call them on 0746 957 3725.

The team will let you know about support services that can help you. They’ll also make a referral to us.