Housing Strategy and supporting strategies

Housing Strategy and supporting strategies

Read our housing strategy "More than a roof" and other housing strategy documents

Bristol Housing Strategy

Our new housing strategy: More than a roof was adopted by Full Council in December 2015.

It sets out plans to address housing related issues for the period 2016 to 2020 and focuses on new directions and proposals. 

It has a vision that homes are more than just the house itself.

We want everyone to have a high quality of life and an opportunity for all to thrive in mixed communities of their choice.

Related documents

We are currently drafting a new homelessness strategy, this will be out for consultation shortly. Until the new strategy has been finalised the existing strategy of 2013-2018 will remain in force

HMO licensing scheme proposal

Read the document to support the proposal to introduce a new HMO licensing scheme in 12 central wards of Bristol: