Knowle West Regeneration Framework

Knowle West Regeneration Framework

What the Knowle West Regeneration Framework is, projects we’re working on now and work we’ve done

What the Knowle West Regeneration Framework is

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework is a 20 year plan for meeting community aspirations for the area. Its development was overseen by the Knowle West Project Board, which included residents and ward councillors.

Following public consultation, the plan for the regeneration was approved by Cabinet and published in October 2012.

Further details on the Knowle West Regeneration Framework

A community vision for Knowle West (pdf, 714KB) (opens new window) was produced after public consultation. It lists 13 improvements central to achieving the aims of the Knowle West Regeneration Framework.

The spatial plan shown on the Knowle West regeneration framework (pdf, 1.1MB) (opens new window) plan shows the regeneration area. 

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework baseline briefing (pdf, 14.7MB) (opens new window)  summarises the analyses carried out across several areas for the Knowle West Regeneration Framework and the Outline Planning Application for Filwood Broadway.

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework investment principles (pdf, 559KB) (opens new window) set out the area-wide and area-specific proposals of the Framework.

public art strategy for Knowle West (pdf, 3.6MB) (opens new window) shows how we’ll commission public art in Knowle West and associated Regeneration Framework.

Have your say in Knowle West developments

We work with many active community groups in Knowle West, including:

Together, they’ve developed a Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement that you can read about on the Knowle West Alliance website.

The protocol sets a process for developers to follow, to make sure the community have meaningful input on proposals early on. 

If you’re a local resident interested in planning and new developments, you can contact or ask to join one of these groups. We work with them on new proposals and give quarterly updates on sites in Knowle West. 

Proposals for Filwood Broadway

Have your say

Take part in the community-led co-design workshop for Filwood Broadway on Saturday 22 January 2022.

The workshop is your chance to reshape the high street. This will include changes to the street, spaces and play area.

The workshop is free, but you need to book.

Book your place and find more information on the reCREATE FILWOOD Eventbrite.

In March 2012, the Cabinet made several decisions about Filwood Broadway and an associated Framework document. 

The Filwood Broadway Framework final report (pdf, 7.9MB) (opens new window) describes six important Broadway areas for development:

  • former cinema and adjacent land: the old cinema building, containing asbestos, is being demolished (planning reference: 19/02647/N). Part of the area is proposed for new council homes and employment or community use on the ground floor. Further consultation on this project will take place in 2021.
  • redesigning the pavements, roads and open public spaces
  • a residential development on the former swimming pool site: LiveWest (formerly Knightstone Housing Association) won the bid for this site, with a proposal of 33 new homes for sale and rent. LiveWest will have a public consultation on this project in 2021.
  • redevelopment of Filwood Community Centre: working with Community in Partnership and the Knowle West Media Centre, consultations were held in 2018 on the centre’s future. 
  • library site: if the library can be relocated on Filwood Broadway, this could be a suitable site for new homes
  • reinvigorating Barnstable Court retail units (the council doesn’t own these)

In 2021, a Filwood Broadway Working Group is being formed by local residents. Contact the Knowle West Alliance if you’re a local resident interested in this.

Update on Novers Hill

We'll consult with local residents and Avon Wildlife Trust before developing plans any further for the development at Novers Hill, also known as Western Slopes.

Over the coming months we'll be carrying out:

  • ecological surveys
  • arboricultural (tree) surveys
  • technical investigations

A full public consultation with local residents from South Bristol, especially those affected in Filwood and Bishopsworth, will go ahead in Spring 2022.

After an ecological report in February 2022 (pdf, 3.5MB) (opens new window) we've reduced our plans. We'll now build around 70 homes on Western Slopes. This is to protect the wildlife corridor and meadow and grassland habitats, while meeting the need for new homes in the area. The rest of the site will remain as green space.

Previous feasibility and site survey work is found at the bottom of this page.

Update on Knowle West Health Park

After a public consultation in September 2021 we've decided to stop plans for Goram Homes to build on Knowle West Health Park.

Site surveys and previous studies on Knowle West Health Park and Novers Hill

If you need these in an alternative format email

We'll update this page when new surveys and studies become available. With the exception of ecology and arboriculture (tree) surveys, these will all be following further public consultation.

Other current projects in Knowle West

Development proposals and construction active in Knowle West include:

  • Hartcliffe Way Recycling Centre: works have started to prepare the site for construction, and the centre is due to open in early 2022
  • The Park secondary school: this new school will be run by Oasis and is being constructed by Skanska. Construction will be in 2022, due for completion in 2023.
  • Knowle DGE Academy extension: construction of this new sixth form and 2 live-in units is underway and expected to be completed in 2021
  • Kingswear: proposals for 34 new affordable council homes are being consulted upon. You can read more details on the Kingswear project
  • Knowle West Health Park: part of the site is proposed for housing. Public engagement on the potential for this has started. Read more details about the consultation on the Health Park Homes website.  
  • Leinster Avenue: a planning application (ref 20/03297/F) for this site for 71 new affordable homes is submitted and waiting for a planning decision
  • Airport Road: 173 new homes are being constructed on this land by Boklok

Completed projects

Read the full list of projects that have been completed (pdf, 62KB) (opens new window) since the adoption of the Knowle West Regeneration Framework. 


Email with any questions.