Knowle West Regeneration Framework

Knowle West Regeneration Framework

What the Knowle West Regeneration Framework is, projects we’re working on now and work we’ve done

What the Knowle West Regeneration Framework is 

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework is a 20 year plan for meeting community aspirations for the area. This includes making improvements to: 

  • housing
  • infrastructure
  • jobs
  • transport connections
  • community facilities 
  • public open spaces

A Community Vision was produced after public consultation. It identified 13 improvements that are central to achieving the aims of the Knowle West Regeneration Framework. 

Community Vision and 13 improvements for Knowle West  (pdf, 714KB) (opens new window)

This work was overseen and developed by the Knowle West Project Board, which included:

  • Bristol City Council officers
  • ward councillors
  • resident representatives
  • the Home and Communities Agency

The plan for the regeneration was published in October 2012, and work started on key projects, including the Filwood Green Business Centre and Skills Academy.

The regeneration area

The spatial plan shown on the Knowle West regeneration framework plan (pdf, 1.1MB) (opens new window) shows the regeneration area. 

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework baseline briefing (pdf, 14.7MB) (opens new window) summarises the analyses that were carried out across a number of topic areas for the Knowle West Regeneration Framework and the Outline Planning Application for Filwood Broadway.

Investment principles and objectives

Our investment principles set out the:

  • area-wide proposals of the framework 
  • area-specific proposals of the project

Knowle West Regeneration Framework investment principles (pdf, 559KB) (opens new window)

Projects we’re working on now

We’re working on a number of projects included in the framework.

Former cinema, Filwood Broadway

The old cinema building is being demolished (planning reference: 19/02647/N). It contains asbestos and work to remove it is expected to start in autumn 2019.

We’ve commissioned a historic building record for the cinema (pdf, 2.5MB) (opens new window)

The Knowle West Regeneration Framework includes an outline planning application for Filwood Broadway. This includes commissioning public art.

Read the public art strategy for Knowle West 2014 (pdf, 3.6MB) (opens new window) .

Former swimming pool site

LiveWest (formerly Knightstone Housing Association) won the bid for this site, with a proposal of 33 new homes for sale and rent. They're working on a planning application ready to submit in summer 2020.

Filwood Community Centre

We’re working with Community in Partnership and the Knowle West Media Centre to find practical ways to use the Centre. 

The Filwood Broadway Framework final report (pdf, 7.9MB) (opens new window)  describes the key sites around the Broadway and will be used to inform these projects.

Completed projects

Read the full list of projects that have been completed (pdf, 62KB) (opens new window) since the adoption of the Knowle West Regeneration Framework.