Our performance: council housing

View our council housing annual reports and satisfaction surveys, find out how we're regulated


We aim to provide high quality services that are both cost effective and meet your needs.

To help us see how well we are performing, we:

  • measure how well each of our services are doing
  • compare our performance over time and against similar organisations
  • look for ways that we can improve the services we provide

View our performance

The documents below show how we're performing and help you to hold us to account as your landlord.

Annual report

Previous annual reports

Housing Management Board report

Annual satisfaction survey

How we're regulated

We're regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency.
See Homes and Communities Agency regulatory framework

National standards

To ensure that all landlords provide high quality responsive services to their tenants, there are six national standards.

See the regulatory framework for social housing in England from April 2012  (pdf, 1.9MB) (opens new window)

Local standards

Local standards are locally agreed standards of service, which we developed with each of our service user groups. We introduced them on the first of April 2011. We report our performance against them as part of the reports we take to service user groups.  For more information see our service standards.