Relationship breakdown

Find out what to do if your relationship has broken down and you think you might have to move out

If the property is in someone else’s name

If you’ve been living as a married couple or in a civil partnership and the relationship has broken down then by law you are still allowed to remain in the property, even if it’s owned by someone else.

It’s very unlikely you’ll get a council property unless you have additional needs.

If you're not married to or in a civil partnership with your partner, you might not have these rights and your partner can tell you to leave.

What you should do

You should get advice from a family law solicitor about your property rights.

If your partner’s left and you can’t afford the rent

What you should do

You should get help from a money advice organisation to see if your home is affordable for you.

If your home isn't affordable you might need to find another place that is cheaper to rent. Get advice about renting privately.

If you can't find anywhere that is cheaper to rent you can get help through your support worker or visit our Citizen Service Point.

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