Tell us about someone sleeping rough

Tell us about someone sleeping rough

Find out how to let us know about someone who is sleeping rough so we can tell our local services about them

If you want to tell us about someone sleeping rough it'll help if you can tell us:

  • what clothes they’re wearing
  • any distinguishing features
  • where you saw them

There is no need for you to directly approach them if you don’t feel comfortable.

Report someone sleeping rough on StreetLink

You'll need to sign up to StreetLink. It only takes a few minutes.

You can also call StreetLink on 0300 500 0914 (freephone). Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also download a free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

After you tell us

StreetLink sends details of the person to our local support service, St Mungo's Broadway, who will help them find somewhere to stay and give support. We fund St Mungo’s Broadway to do this.

When you tell us, you can also ask StreetLink to let you know what happens as a result of your report.

Who you should tell us about

Tell us about anyone you see sleeping rough. This can include:

People you’ve seen sleeping rough for a long time

Some people may have a long history of rough sleeping, be known to local services and may need longer term support to help them leave the streets. This can include people who suffer with mental health problems or who cannot access services in the area in which they’re sleeping rough.

You should still tell StreetLink if you’re concerned about someone. Though it may take longer for you to notice anything changing, your report will make sure they are known to homeless services.

People drinking or begging

Some people who appear to be sleeping rough may be engaged in street activities, such as drinking or begging, but in fact have somewhere to stay.

It’s always better to get in touch about someone you think may be rough sleeping, so that local services can give support if needed.

Tell people about StreetLink

The more people know about StreetLink, the greater the chance people sleeping rough will be found and helped. You can make a difference by helping to spread the word.

Spread the word using social media

You can follow and share content from StreetLink on our own official Facebook page, and also on Twitter using the hashtag #StreetLink.