Young person told to leave home

Find out what to do if you’re a young person who's been told to leave home

If you’re under 18

You should contact the Council’s First Response team on 0117 903 6444.  They’ll try to help you get back home. If this isn’t possible, they may be able to arrange alternative accommodation for you.

If you’re over 18

You should contact your support worker if you have one, or visit our Citizen Service Point.

We'll need to check your situation to find out if there's anything we can do to help but there's no guarantee that you'll be given a council or housing association property.

Even if you do get one, you should remember that it’s very expensive living alone.

Other options

There are other organisations that might be able to help you find a home.  Find out more about help for homeless young people.

Find out more about renting privately.

If you’re pregnant and aged between 16 and 25

You should speak to your support worker if you have one, such as a social worker or nurse. 

If you don’t have a support worker, or you simply want to speak to someone, you can visit our Citizen Service Point for advice.