Strategic Directors

Who the Strategic Management team are and what they are responsible for.

The Strategic Management team are the senior managers responsible for running the council.

The team has a Chief Executive and four Strategic Directors who are each responsible for an area in the council called a directorate.  The directorates are Neighbourhoods, People, Place and Resources.

Directorates and Directors


Alison Comley is the Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods. She is responsible for:

  • management and maintenance of around 28,000 Council Homes in Bristol
  • neighbourhoods and communities: the library service in Bristol and neighbourhood partnerships
  • public health
  • customer services
  • licensing
  • co-ordination of Bristol’s response to crime, community safety and anti social behaviour.
  • parks and green spaces

call: 0117 353 7860


John Readman is the Strategic Director for People. He is responsible for:

  • education and skills
  • providing early help and support to families to reduce problems later on
  • social care and support for adults including the elderly
  • safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
  • care and support for children in care
  • support for carers
  • commissioning services

call:   0117 903 7960


The interim Directors for Place are Alison Comley and Nicki Beardmore.

Alison Comley is responsible for:

  • planning
  • housing
  • transport including the introduction of Metrobus

Nicki Beardmore is responsible for:

  • property which includes managing our 835 buildings and land, the City Docks, property management of 600+ leased properties and facilities management of council buildings
  • economy including culture and major projects such as the Arena
  • energy


Nicki Beardmore is the Interim Strategic Director of Resources. This is resources within Bristol City Council to make services effective and innovative. She is responsible for:

  • business change and ICT
  • finance
  • human resources
  • legal services
  • policy, strategy and communications