Strategic Directors

Executive Directors

Who the Senior Management team are and what they are responsible for.

The Senior Management team are the senior managers responsible for running the council.

The team has four Executive Directors who are each responsible for an area in the council called a directorate.  The directorates are Communities, Care and Safeguarding, Resources, and Growth and Regeneration.

Transitional Corporate Structure

Directorates and Executive Directors


Patsy Mellor is the interim Executive Director of Communities.

Responsible for:

  • Homes and landlord services 
  • Community services 
  • Commercialisation
  • City Wellbeing, Resilience and Strategic Partnerships


Adults, Children and Education

Jacqui Jensen is the Executive Director of Adults, Children and Education.

Responsible for:

  • Adult Social Care 
  • Children and Families Services 
  • Educational, Learning and Skills Improvement

call: 0117 357 6390


Mike Jackson is the Executive Director of Resources.

Responsible for:

  • Finance 
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Policy and Strategy
  • IT 
  • Workforce and Change 

call: 0117 357 6255

Growth and Regeneration

Colin Molton is the interim Executive Director of Growth and Regeneration.

Responsible for:

  • City Growth, Investment and Infrastructure including Culture
  • Planning
  • Transport