The Cabinet - who's involved and how it works

What is the Cabinet?

The Cabinet (or Executive) is made up of the Mayor and executive members, known as Assistant Mayors whose role is to:

  • provide leadership
  • propose the budget and policy framework
  • implement policy through strategic directors.

Our committee meeting finder gives details of forthcoming meetings.  This is where agenda papers can be viewed.

The Mayor

The Mayor has ultimate responsibility for all major policy decisions.  Whilst some of this responsibility may be delegated to/shared with Assistant Mayors, the Bristol Mayor has decided to keep this function.

Key decision taking occurs at Cabinet meetings.  The Mayor will take decisions following discussion with his Assistant Mayors or where relevant at the Health and Wellbeing Board, following discussion with the Board.

Assistant Mayors

Assistant Mayors are councillors with special responsibilities over an area of the council's activities, for example neighbourhoods. Their area of responsibility is known as their portfolio. 

Assistant Mayors may work with council officers and others to develop policy within their portfolio, which then comes to Cabinet for formal approval.

The Cabinet

The makeup of the Cabinet is decided by the Mayor.  The current Mayor's policy has been to invite councillors from all four parties who are represented on the council into his Cabinet.

Full Council

Although the Cabinet only includes the Mayor and executive members, Full Council includes all members (ie councillors and the Mayor).  The Full Council's role is to:

  • approve or reject the budget and policy framework
  • adopt the constitution
  • appoint committees to be responsible for overview and scrutiny functions and regulatory matters.

Assistant Mayor portfolios

The Cabinet has four members as well as the Mayor. The Deputy Mayor, Assistant Mayors and their portfolios are:

The Mayor keeps direct responsibility for other policy areas within his own portfolio.  

Councillor Geoff Gollop is the Deputy Mayor.

See our councillor finder for more information.