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You need to tell us the title of the course
You need to tell us the start date
You must tell us the full name of the applicant
You must tell us the post or job title
You must tell us the team, unit or organisation
You must tell us the workplace address
You must give a phone number we can contact you on
You don't have to give an email address, but it will help us contact you if we need to.
You need to tell us the name of the line manager
You need to tell us the email address for the line managerWe'll need your line manager's consent to attend this training.
Local authority staff must give us a cost code. If you’re not from a local authority please put N/A here and complete the next two boxesThis course is free. However, you'll be charged for non-attendance. You must provide a cost code for your application to be accepted.
Do you agree to the cancellation and charging policy?You must accept the cancellation and charging policy in order to apply for the courseIf you're unable to attend a course you must let us know as soon as possible by email. Telephone cancellations won't be accepted. If you don't let us know before 9am the day before the course, you'll be charged the full price of £75 per day.
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