Changes to Bristol libraries

To save money in the running of library services, we’ve:

  • made changes to library opening times
  • replaced Eastville Library with a pop-up library service in the Cameron Centre in Lockleaze, which will be open for 20 hours a week and offer books, information, and access to Connect Lockleaze computers
  • leased the Eastville Library building for community asset transfer
  • made changes to volunteering with the library
  • improved broadband speed 

We’ll also be setting up a swipe card system so you can use the library at times when there aren’t staff members in the library.

Libraries opening hours

We consulted on a change of opening hours across our libraries.

Libraries not included in the consultation were:

  • Lawrence Weston, an unstaffed Library Access Point run by Citizen Service staff, which won’t be changing
  • Eastville Library, which will be replaced with a pop-up library service in Lockleaze

A separate consultation agreed the opening hours for Central library.

Swipe card access

We’ll be running a six month pilot of swipe card access in three libraries:

  • Westbury  
  • Stockwood  
  • St George  

The libraries will have staffed hours for part of each weekday and one full weekend day. The swipe card will give users who have signed up for the pilot library access outside staffed hours.


Following the consultation, we created lots of new volunteering opportunities in Bristol libraries. For further information or to get involved see volunteering at our libraries.

Broadband improvement

We’ve updated broadband connections in all libraries across Bristol, except for Cheltenham Road which will be upgraded when we move into our new Bishopston Library.

All Bristol libraries also support public access PCs, or People’s Network, and public access WiFi.

Consultation reports

For more information on how the consultation decisions were made, read our consultation reports.