What’s happening to Bristol’s library service

What’s happening to Bristol’s library service

What we’re doing following the consultation on the library service in 2017 and how to give your ideas and suggestions on the way your local library might be improved and extended in the future

What we’re doing 

In October 2018, the Cabinet met to discuss the future of the library service.  It was decided that all 27 libraries would continue to be run by the council, but with the opportunity to pilot new ideas to extend the use of the service and building.

We’ve listened to local voices and expectations, through consultations in 2015 and 2017. Now we want to look at how we could more closely involve community groups and individuals who have expressed ideas and suggestions for the service and the building. 

Through a series of events in Bristol and an online survey, we’re going to talk to communities about: 

  • the future strategy for our libraries 
  • how the library services  could be extended
  • how each building could be used more for the community
  • how the community can lead this work
  • the ideas and suggestions already raised in 2015 and 2017 
  • pilot projects that a community can lead 

We’ll work on prioritising which libraries to focus on with your suggestions and ideas after the initial meetings. We won’t be able to work on all 27 branch libraries at the same time. 

If you can’t come to a meeting, you’ll be able to tell us your suggestions in an online survey.

What we’ll do next

We’ll write a new library strategy and publish it in April 2019.

The strategy will:

  • reflect local needs 
  • describe what our library service can aim to be
  • set out the plan for Bristol Library Service 

What we’ve already consulted about

In June 2017, the consultation gave you three options for which local libraries could keep running and asked for suggestions about how they’d be managed. In July 2018, the Mayor decided to keep all 27 libraries open. 

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