Group membership

Find information on how to join the library as a group.

Group memberships are available to:

  • drama groups
  • music groups
  • community groups
  • corporate bodies
  • pre-school groups
  • reading groups

One member has to agree to be responsible for all borrowed items and must fill in membership form at one of our libraries. They must be a member of the library.

Different loan periods and charges apply.

Drama group

There’s an annual subscription fee for:

  • groups in LibrariesWest area: £18
  • groups not in LibrariesWest area: £42

We’ll issue a group membership card to the person responsible for loans.

Music group                                                                   

There’s no charge for membership. There’s a reservation charge for borrowing:

  • sets of vocal scores for a choir
  • sets of instrumental parts for a band or orchestra

For more information about music group membership, email or ring 0117 9037250.