Guidance on how to apply for a property licence

If you want to apply for a property licence, you should follow this guidance.

How to apply

You need to enter your property details using the form at the end of this page. You’ll then have to download a PDF application form which you can fill in and send electronically.

When applying you will need the following information to hand:

  • Mortgage company details including Registered Office address and Mortgage Account number
  • Names, addresses and contact details of all joint owners, any Managing Agent or anyone else who has a Legal Interest
  • Details of facilities at the property being licensed
  • If you are an agent, a list of employees involved in the management of the property
  • If you are applying on behalf of a company, you must be authorised to complete the form on behalf of the company
  • If you are applying on someone else’s behalf, you’ll need their written permission to do so

The application form is not designed to work on tablets or smart phones.

To download and fill in the application form you need a computer with Adobe Reader XI DC  or later. 

Download the latest Adobe Reader software for free.

You can save the application form to your computer and finish it at a later date. When filling out the form, we suggest that you save the document regularly.

Apply for a property licence

Landlords of newly rented properties have 28 days from the property becoming occupied to make a ‘new’ licence application (this applies to both discretionary and mandatory schemes). If a property has been let for longer than 28 days an 'unlicensed' application must be made.

All applications (except Selective licences and some Additional licences) sent electronically are entitled to an immediate £100 reward unless you are renewing a licence more than 28 days after the expiry date of the last licence, or your property has been found to be unlicensed when a licence was required.

Users of Google Chrome

When you click on the ‘Download PDF’ button, another button will appear in the bottom left of the screen labelled ‘HMO-Application_F…pdf’. Right click on this button.

If the option ‘Open with system viewer’ appears, then select this. If this option doesn’t appear, select ‘Open’.

Help and Support

If you need more help with the form, phone us on 0117 352 5010 or email