Mayor's Fund for Bristol

Mayor's Fund for Bristol

What the fund is for and how to make a donation.

What is the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, has re-launched the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol to tackle homelessness in the city.

Anyone can donate to The Mayor’s Fund for Bristol. It's managed by the Quartet Community Foundation on behalf of the Mayor and the money raised is awarded as grants to charities and social enterprises addressing important social issues in Bristol. All grant decisions are independent of Bristol City Council.

The Fund is aimed at making a significant difference to the every-day lives of people in Bristol facing the challenges and barriers posed by having insecure housing or no housing at all. The Fund will remain focused on homelessness for the next four years, in line with the priorities of the newly established City Office, which is committed to providing both short and long term solutions to the homelessness problems in the city.

The Mayor’s Fund aims to develop a long-term strategy, finding and supporting meaningful and innovative solutions to homelessness in Bristol.

Donate to the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol

Anyone who cares about Bristol can contribute to the Fund – whether it’s £1 or £10,000 – we will make sure your donation goes to where it’s needed most.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Set up a regular Direct Debit: complete and return the form
  • Donate online: select ‘The Mayor’s Fund for Bristol’ from the ‘Where would you like your donation to go?’ drop-down menu
  • Cheque adding Gift Aid: send a cheque made out to ‘Quartet Community Foundation’, write ‘The Mayor’s Fund for Bristol’ on the back of the cheque, and send it to Quartet Community Foundation, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4GB

Donate using Bristol Pounds

If you have a £B account you can set up a transfer to qcfmayorsfund or TXT2Pay to qcfmayorsfund:

  • £B transfer to qcfmayorsfund
  • £B TEXT2Pay to qcfmayorsfund

Bristol Pounds are the city’s local currency and can be used to pay for a range of city services or business products, keeping transactions local. Full details, including how to set up a Bristol Pound account are on the Bristol Pound website.

How to get a grant from the Mayor's Fund

If you are a charitable group or organisation, and you’re planning a project that might be eligible for grant funding, go to the Mayor’s Fund for Bristol Grant Programme page to find out more.